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How your Curtains are made

All curtains in the workroom are traditionally made with hand-sewn hems and side-turnings. Hem corners are weighted and mitred for a professional finish, along with weights sewn in at all fabric joins. For all hand-sewn curtains, the linings and interlinings are interlocked to the main face fabric along each width of the curtain fabric, which allows the layers of fabrics to move together as one. 

Machine-made curtains are made up with machine-sewn hems and side turnings.  Lead weights are still used in the corners and at fabric seams to help the curtains hang correctly.

Your curtains can be made with a variety of curtain top-treatments, some are hand-made, others use gathered or decorative tapes, or for the more contemporary look - eyelet rings.  

Pencil Pleat, Pencil Pleat with Stand-up Frill, Pinch Pleat (Double and Triple pleating), Hidden Tab-Top, Eyelet, Inverted Pleats and Pinch Pleat (Triple) with Button finish


All curtains are lined as standard, with a good quality cotton sateen lining which drapes well, helps to protect the main fabric from sunlight fade and prolongs the life of your new curtains.  Blackout lining can be used as an alternative to standard lining, if you want to reduce the amount of light that comes into a room and is particularly effective for window dressings in children's bedrooms.  Standard linings are available in Ivory, Pearl or White. Alternatively, you may wish to opt for a contrast coloured lining or stripes to give your curtains a unique finish.

Hand-made curtains can also be interlined which helps to give volume to curtains especially when used with lightweight fabrics, makes them look sumptuous and drape well. The interlining material will also help give warmth to a room and is particularly effective in draughty areas such as doors and older style windows. Interlinings available are pre-shrunk natural bump and domette or a Sarril synthetic interlining, which is an inexpensive, alternative option to interlining curtains. 

Prior to delivery of your new curtains, they are pressed, hung and tied in the workroom for a couple of days to allow the fabric to relax and form neatly into pleats, so that they instantly hang beautifully in your home.


 All photographs were taken with the kind permission of our clients and are copyright to Aitken Soft Furnishings 2012. All Rights Reserved 



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